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You've worked hard on your music. 
From writing & arranging through to production & recording:
Now it's time to mix!

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How many songs are we working with, what's the end goal and what's your timeframe?

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Once details are in place a 50% non refundable deposit will be required to confirm a booking. 

The remaining balance will be due before any finished mixes can be returned. 

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I have my songs mixed by someone else?


It's not uncommon for the songwriting and recording stage to last a number of days and even weeks.
It's natural that we can lose objectivity and perspective the longer we spend on a task, as Quincy Jones would say: Paralysis from analysis.

Having your song(s) mixed by someone not involved in the writing and recording can breath new life into them.

They are hearing the song fresh, for the first time and can inject new energy into the mix. Provided you give them a rough mix and / or mix notes for how you want it to sound you should receive a hybrid of everything you want from the mix... and more!

Can I attend the mixing session?

Unfortunately as I am currently working from a very small home studio space (and I sometimes work while away or travelling) I am unable to facilitate attended mix sessions at the present time. You will of course have the opportunity however to review your mix, make notes on anything you would like altered and I will provide 1 mix revision for free. I am happy to chat via e-mail or skype for this process.

How do I prepare my songs for online mixing?

Once your song is ready to be mixed, the first step is to create a new “save as” file. Name it something to highlight it’s the session for your mix files. Ensure all editing required has been completed, and all edits have been crossfaded correctly so there’s no clicks or pops. I cannot mix your track until this has been completed! Also ensure your tracks are all named correctly and labeled clearly! (“Strings L”, “Strings R”, “Verse Gtr Riff” etc) Next, you will need to consolidate all your audio files. This will create a new audio track of each element and will ensure that no tracks go missing for the transfer. Starting from the very beginning of the session (Bar 1 | Beat 1) make a selection on every track to the end of the longest audio track in the session, and consolidate. You can now export these consolidated files to a new folder (named after each song) ready to be uploaded. (Please note Stereo tracks [e.g Overheads L&R ] will be counted as 2 files for upload)

I've got some reverb and delay plugins in my track, should I bounce them to the audio files?

Ideally you should send all tracks dry and without processing. If there is a sound or effect you feel is integral to the sound by all means send a version of it along with a dry version as a backup.

How long does mixing take?

For a single song, once I have received the multi track files you should have a mix back within 3 – 4 days max. A 5 song E.P may take around 7 – 10 days. Please note these timeframes are just estimates. Before we make any commitments we will discuss all of this to ensure work will commence and complete at a time that suits your requirements and my availability.

Is it ok for me to say I want my track to sound like X, Y or Z artist?

Yes of course! Feel free to send on written notes on how you want the song / mix to progress, or you can provide me with a reference track that I can listen to. Alternatively if you have a rough mix, send it on with your files and I will mix to your rough mix track and then simply try to enhance that as much as I can. A rough mix will not be counted in your overall track count

What should I do with MIDI tracks?

Please don’t send me MIDI files! If you are running a virtual instrument in your session, print it to an audio track first. I can only accept audio files for mixing!

What will I get back at the end?

You will get: 1x Limited “Listening Copy” of your mix for reference (44.1KHz / 16Bit)

1x Unlimited master copy of your mix at the original sample rate and Bit Depth

If you need Acapella and / Instrumental copies also, please mention this when making your booking.

Once I've heard my mix can I make any changes?

I will provide one mix revision per song. This will allow you to make any changes throughout such as “bring the reverb on the vocal down,” “The bass should be more prominent in Verse 2,” or “make the BV’s a bit brighter”. If you would like to make major changes or a full re working of the mix this will have to be charged as a separate days work, NOT a mix revision.