I am sitting on a couch, spread out watching a film about the Beatles which features the worst Liverpudlian accents I've ever heard in my life.

The Bry UK & Ireland tour is finished, and this is the first day back home in a month.

The UK leg finished last weekend in Scotland with gigs in Tunnels in Aberdeen and King Tuts in Glasgow. A return to Tunnels was a nice little throw back to this time last year when we visited with the Artist Formerly Known As B**Bry. Always a rowdy bunch, loud voices and strong in numbers! I also had my very first Moray Cup in Aberdeen (thanks for all the hassle you went through to get it there!)

The UK leg of the tour was wrapped up in Glasgow with a first visit to the legendary King Tuts venue!

Bry has often mentioned how much Glasgow is one of his favourite cities to play in the UK (along with Newcastle and others) and he was delighted he could end the UK here. Anyone in attendance will have heard the sincerity and half choking back the tears as he proclaimed his appreciation to Glasgow for their incredible support of him through the past five years!

Glasgow, thank you for ending part 1 with a massive party!!


After a short break we kicked off the Irish leg of the tour in The Academy, Dublin.

Radio play, an appearance on The Late Late Show, TV & radio interviews, print interviews Bry has been as busy as he's ever been promoting his shows and new single in Ireland and it was incredible to see the benefits and results with The Academy main room being packed on a week night (school night) during an exam week! This basically does not happen!

Dublin was one of my favourite shows last year, and easily was one of my favourite this year! As a musician everything really rests on the audience. Do I enjoy the show, can I really get into the performance am I having a good time... once the audience is giving it everything they can then we on stage are having the best time in the world! Thanks Dublin!

Belfast next, The Oh Yeah Centre. Before this show, I think everyones mind was on one thing... "Will ginger security man be there!?" The fear!

HE WASN'T THERE!!! Thankfully he's long since been sacked

Belfast was the first show to sell out on the tour and we were buzzing to play in front a capacity room... especially once we found out about the great news about security!

Easily one of my top 3 shows on this tour! EASILY! Belfast is amazing, you guys are fantastic!! We had a great show, you sang and cheered so loud, we met some lovely people and overall the night went off without any problems!

Next time Belfast, let's all get together somewhere a little bigger and have a massive party together!

The final 2 shows of the tour were Galway and Limerick.

Galway was our first visit to Roisin Dubh. Another superb crowd, packed the room and well up for the show. Organisation in the venue beforehand was not the best! Thankfully this didn't affect anyone with a ticket.

Another night of meeting lovely people (including Gerry's parents) and some fantastic crowd interactions! First time we've seen phone lights used during Adventure Time. It looked so lovely!

Limerick to end. As Bry had mentioned a handful of times before... Limerick wasn't selling well! While all other shows sold 100 - 200+ tickets, Limerick had sold, 40. We were going to end an amazing month run of gigs... with a show in front of 40 people.

Well, thankfully it seems radio play and gentle mocking (sorry Limerick) works!!

The Kasbah venue was pretty packed in the end with some familiar faces from Galway (thanks to all who made the journey to 2... and in some cases 3 shows!) and we were able to finish the tour by just having the craic!

"...Just treat this as a massive house party at your friends house... you're having a great time, your friends are on stage... let's just have a party Limerick!"

And we did!

So, that's it. The shows are done, and we have some time before we next go out and play.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the shows and supported Bry! From Leicester to Glasgow, From Dublin to Limerick.

Thank you for tuning in your radios to hear "Don't Go Alone", and for listening in to hear Bry chat over the past few weeks.

As he says himself being a musician has it's ups and downs... and every single one of these shows have been high moments in all of our lives.

I can't wait until we head out again but until then... keep listening and supporting!

You've only a few more months until the album... and we do it all again.


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