Bry @ Blue Balls Festival, July 2016

Last Friday Gerry, Adam and Myself took the first of 4 flights over the course of the weekend in our journey to Switzerland.

First, we headed over to England to visit Bry & Candice in their lovely new home, and how lovely it is. A particularly comfortable couch resides in the main living space. It invites you to sit, and never leave.

Early (and i do mean early) Saturday morning we drove to Gatwick, met up with Al (Bry's Front of House Engineer for the show) and flew to Zurich. Once we arrived a lovely Swiss man named Bruno picked us up at the airport and drove us 45 mins away to the city of Lucerne.

Lucerne it turns out is a beautiful place! Many buildings are decorated and painted with various colourful images, there's a medieval bridge, a lion carved into a cliff and a river runs into a lake right there in the city.

The gig at Blue Balls Festival was pretty amazing with Bry playing alongside KT Tunstall. Unlike traditional gigs and festivals however KT Tunstall was not the headliner with Bry (playing his first show in Switzerland) supporting. People bought tickets to the show to see both acts equally. Apparently the people of Blue Balls Fest put a more well known act together with a less well known act, and they use the lesser known acts to promote the festival! Why? According to the festival director "The more well known acts are known, we shouldn't need to promote them, people know who they are already... So, we like to put the lesser known acts on the posters, and use them to promote the festival".

A backwards but genius approach! From Brys first song to KT's last the room was full. It was really an incredible night!

Switzerland is beautiful, expensive (€16 for a Burger King meal) and the Swiss peoples hospitality is apparently ludicrously generous! They put us up in a 5 star hotel, with a free bar... what's it called when you're attracted to women and an entire nation of people? Whatever it is, I'm that with the Swiss!

I love it, and I hope we can go back soon!

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