Bry - On Tour With Twenty Øne Piløts

I’m now about a week and a half travelling / away from home.

Last week was spent in London playing a headline show with Bry and then rehearsing for the remainder of the time.

This week, we flew to Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday morning and that evening played the first of 17 arena shows with Bry as he plays main support for Twenty Øne Piløts all across Europe.

There’s a lot in that one sentence to digest. I love that sentence.

The Helsinki Ice hall was the opening venue for Bry and us to begin this tour. A huge Ice hockey rink by day it was transformed into an 8,900 capacity venue for the first show of the Twenty Øne Piløts tour. Nerves at a show are normal. It’s a natural part of performing. However it’s a different type of nerve when you join in a massive tour with one of, if not the biggest bands in the world.

When you’re on stage playing the songs you play which in my case are all songs written by my best friend Bry, it gets to you. When you’re in a new country you’ve never been in, seeing the huge empty arena and hearing the songs echoing back as if you’re in a canyon during soundcheck.

Add to this seeing Tyler Joseph and / or Josh Dun of TØP casually strolling around the venue as you soundcheck! He’s come such a long way, and here we are about to start this incredible journey.

It’s the same thing we’ve done before… but yet it’s completely different!

The Helsinki show was an incredible way to start this tour and the crowd were so fantastically receptive. They provided a number of beautiful moments with their torches, as if for a few moments the arena disappeared leaving a sprawling blanket of stars.

It’s hard not to lose your breath a little to such a lovely gesture.

After a days travelling by boat we rejoined the TØP crew and readied ourselves for night 2 in Stockholm Sweden.

Thankfully we had a few hours the morning of the show to have a walk around the beautiful city of Stockholm. Stunning architecture, narrow winding cobbled streets and a beautiful waterway running throughout. That evening, a 4,000 capacity venue in the Annexet Arena. We’ve one show under our belts, we’ve got a feel for it and the routine is sinking in nicely. The crowd were jumping and clapping along for nearly all of Bry’s set and judging by the number of people who wanted to meet him after the show it seems like they enjoyed the set!

Next is a day of in Oslo, Norway which begins a run of shows heading to Denmark and Germany. I’ve had the chance to watch Twenty Øne Piløts perform their set now twice also. I can see myself watching their set for most of this tour to be honest, it’s absolutely incredible to behold! Easily the best live show I have ever seen in my life.

Timed to perfection, every little aspect of the show has been thought through in the minutest of detail. Tyler and Josh are consummate showmen making what is clearly hundreds of hours of preparation, thought and rehearsals look so easy.

I’m quite in awe of what they have created with their fans.

On to Norway… *Please note - this is not a review of the Twenty Øne Piløts show. Everything relates only to the performance of Bry.

Oct 25 - Helsinki, Finland = Helsinki Ice Hall

Oct 27 - Stockholm, Sweden = Annexet

Oct 29 - Oslo, Norway = Oslo Spektrum

Oct 30 - Frederiksberg, Denmark = Falkonersalen

Oct 31 - Hamburg, Germany = Alsterdorfer Sporthalle

Nov 2 - Berlin, Germany = Max- Schmeling - Halle

Nov 3 - Warsaw, Poland = Torwar Hall

Nov 4 - Prague, Czech Republic = Tipsport Arena

Nov 5 - Vienna, Austria = Wiener Stadthalle

Nov 7 - Milan, Italy = Mediolanum Forum

Nov 8 - Munich, Germany = Zenith Munich

Nov 9 - Düsseldorf, Germany = Mitsubishi Electric Halle

Nov 11 - London, UK = Alexandra Palace

Nov 13 - London, UK = Alexandra Palace

Nov 15 - Amsterdam, Netherlands = Heineken Music Hall

Nov 16 - Brussels, Belgium = Forest National

Nov 17 - Paris, France = Zénith de Paris

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