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9 days in, 6 shows (7 tonight) and 7 different countries. Turns out they weren’t lying when they called it a roadshow! Saturday in Norway at the Spektrum in Oslo. First of all, Oslo is a stunning city! I had a chance to go out for a walk for about an hour or so in the afternoon as the venue was incredibly central. It was a beautiful sunny day, clear blue sky and everything just seemed to be presented in the most perfect light!

The Spektrum in Oslo is a near 9,000 capacity venue and is wider than it is long. This makes the floor space look somewhat small in comparison to other venues, but once the crowd comes in and fills the towering balconies above it feels like you’re in the middle of a gladiatorial amphitheater!

Spektrum Oslo - Stage setup morning


The Falconersalen in Fredericksberg. A slightly unusual venue that felt not unlike a large church community hall. Again, this was only the case with the house lights up as the staging was being set up.

Falconersalen, Fredericksberg.

A good show and a really good crowd but there was one slight disappointment. The catering desert which was a Danish received a rather bland review from the food critics amongst us. We felt sure the Danish would produce an excellent example of their namesake desert... alas.

The third show of this run was in Hamburg Germany. Our first of 4 German shows in fact. I’ve wanted to visit Germany for a long time since studying German in school. I stopped early however as my German teacher and classes weren’t great! Maybe I’ll brush up again in the coming days. The Hamburg venue was unusual in that with the house lights on, it looked and felt like a massive school hall. Standing in the wings 5 minutes before taking the stage, it felt more like we were about to address the final year students and give them a rallying pep talk before they head off to college! House lights out though and the TØP lighting and visuals and large “Bry” screens flanking the stage consumed the arena as usual. Much better! I felt this was a really good show, but a large portion of the audience seemed quite reserved. The front rows were great, but further back and up to the stands you went it was a bit more broken than in other cities so far. A bit odd, but those that were getting into the show made up for it! Tuesday was another day off this time in Berlin. We spent the morning traveling, did a little bit of laundry in a laundromat (with an impromptu photo shoot of sorts) and then we went to watch Lisa Hannigan play a show that evening with her band at the Alexander Palast Theatre. Quite a beautiful performance and very captivating! Yesterday morning I went out into Berlin city and explored some of the main tourist attractions and architecture. It is a modern city of course but it's like a city built around and incorporating a very clear sense of history. I felt like every street and every building had some sort of a story to tell. Back into it at the Max Schmelling halle in Berlin, 7,000 capacity. The weather has begun to drop the past few days, but that evidently hasn't put off any of the hundreds / thousands of Twenty One Pilots fans who queue from early morning or in some cases the entire weekend to be first in line! Eager beavers, and they were well up for it when Bry took to the stage! At the time of writing now I'm sitting in the dressing room in the Torwar sports hall in Warsaw, Poland. It's about 6:40pm local time, doors are open and we're onstage in about an hour and 20 minutes...

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