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We're up to 13 shows in 11 different countries although we've travelled through more (4 countries in one day to get back to the UK). We're also up to the point where Bry's debut album is NOW AVAILABLE!! The show in Poland (where I last blogged before going on stage) was quite the success. The wonderful Polish TØP fan clique have been incredible in their support for Bry from the very beginning. They made this first time show in a new place feel closer to a reunion than I would have thought could happen! Midway through the set hundreds of people throughout the arena held up signs saying "Thank You Bry" with a little panda symbol. It was amazing! During Twenty One Pilots show then, the whole arena held up red and white cards (red in the tiers and white on the ground) to create a massive Polish flag that dominated the arena. Apparently this is something Polish fans do at shows as a sort of "We're with you". Beautiful.

The show in Prague, Czech Republic provided one of the highest attendances of the tour at over 14,000 at the Tipsport Arena.

A large Ice Hockey venue (the second or 3rd of the tour) it was an incredible room to be in and unsurprisingly I felt very small in comparison to when I thought of all the bodies that were to fit in that night for the show. A long day travelling to next venue in Vienna, Austria for which we drove through the Austrian Alps along the way. It's funny how a 6 hour journey can be made to feel significantly shorter when you're constantly passing by an area of stunning natural scenery. The Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna was the largest venue of this tour with a capacity of 16,000 people. As with every other show on the tour, it was a sell out. What a buzz of energy with so many people in a room.

It's funny, but I've found from playing at these shows there's sort of no real difference playing in front of 2,000 or 16,000 people. More people don't make it "scarier" or make you (me) more nervous, a big crowd is a big crowd... the nerves are the same across the board. It does however change the dynamic in the room on the night. There is more energy, and when the crowd are excited and giving all they can that energy tranfers across the room back and forth. (I always found it a boring cliché when I heard musicians say this as a teen but, I now feel like I'm beginning to understand). Day Off in Innsbruck Vienna up in the Alps. This was a day spent travelling and then doing nothing once we got to the hotel bar resting. I lay on my hotel bed, and watched the snow fall all through the afternoon out the window. A perfect day off if you ask me!

The next day we started travelling to Italy through the Alps again. It had been snowing most of the night and again in the morning in Vienna but as soon as we got to the border with Italy the snow disappeared and we had a gloriously sunny day on our hands.

Snow in Vienna

Sun in Italy, less than an hour later

Milan, Italy at the Mediolanum Forum. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any of Milan bar what we passed in the van, but it was exciting nonetheless to be in Italy for the first time (I have Italian ancestry on my mothers side and have always wanted to go). No doubt, I will be back! Zenith in Muncih and back to Germany. The Zenith venue was like a massive warehouse. Possibly the largest all standing venue of the tour so far. I'm starting to feel part German at this point! We've spent so long in Germnay, speaking what bit of German we have in shops and petrol stations, hearing Bry talk to the crowd in German and as a result hearing him practice his pronunciations in the dressing rooms pre show. Dusseldorf hosted the last German show for Twenty One Pilots on this leg of the tour. Mitsubishi Electric Halle. I shall miss Germany and the German audiences.

Blurry Dusseldorf from side stage

We're now up to the London shows with the first one done on Friday 11th and the 2nd happening tonight! If you're coming to the Alexandra Palace show tonight, bring your A - game and let's have a party! Coinciding with these shows Bry released his incredible debut album with physical CD's being on sale at the venue!

Brys debut album OUT NOW

How amazing to know that people can go to this show, and have the option of buying Bry's debut album. It's right there, next to Twenty One Pilots' album.

Even more amazing was watching Tyler Joseph give a shout out to Bry for opening the show and then telling the crowd about his album, saying they should buy it.

This tour is entering it's final stages, but I don't want to think about that right now, so I wont! If you haven't yet, please check out and buy Bry's album. It is a fantastic album and you will not regret it! Don't forget he'll be touring Ireland and the UK December this year (Irl) and February 2017 (UK). Tickets on sale now. It would be no fun without you!

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